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25 September, 2020 by
Newest Affiliate -
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

Jamey Kramar, the owner and content creator of recently discovered Kranzle, fell in love and became an affiliate. Of the many, many pressure washers, both gas and electric, he has tested here is what he had this to say about the Kranzle 1122TST (aka 1152). 

"We have been using the Kranzle 1122TST everyday for the last month now. We have come to the conclusion it is the best pressure washer for cars, trucks, dirt bikes and more

After testing and using 35+ pressure washers since 2013 we can quickly tell when we are using an excellent pressure washer – engineered and manufactured to perfection with every detail taken into account."

You can read more his thoughts in this article "The 7 Best Pressure Washers" - scroll down the page >>

Here is some more information about Jamey, which helps qualify his opinion of what makes Kranzle one the best pressure washers on the market.

Age 19 till 22 worked at a rendering plant as a pressure washer for the summer and also every Saturday while studying mechanical engineering. Pressure washed using a commercial duty electric very high psi and gpm machine to clean the screw conveyors, receiving bins and outdoor concrete. 

Finished engineering school at 23 and moved to work in the project implementation department at Rio Tinto iron ore mines in Western Australia. 

At Rio Tinto had many projects but interestingly several projects were designing and getting built million dollar industrial vehicle wash pads - for the light-duty trucks and cars on site. All this was powered by 2 commercial duty electric pressure washers and another pump/motor combo for the cannon and under vehicle wash.

For the last 7 years I've been focused on includes 150+ guides on pressure washing and pressure washers. Over those years we've bought and tested at least 40 different pressure washers and borrowed and used many others from friends, neighbors and family. 

If you love your Kranzle and have web marketing skills, sign up to become an affiliate and then, maybe a dealer.

Newest Affiliate -
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 25 September, 2020
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