Trouble Shooting

Problem Diagnosis Remedy
Low Pressure Worn nozzle Replace nozzle
  Air leak in inlet plumbing Disassemble, reseal and reassemble
  Inlet suction strainer clogged Clean and check frequently
  Worn packing Check and replace packing
  Inadequate water supply Check water supply for sufficient flow and obstructions in inlet filter
  Fouled or dirty inlet discharge valves  Check and replace valves
  Leaky discharge hose Check and replace hose
Pump Runs Rough Restricted inlet Check for proper size inlet plumbing
  Air leaks: air in plumbing Tighten plumbing; fix leaks; insure an air tight seal
  Make sure high pressure soap valve is closed
Pump Pulsates Stuck inlet or discharge valve Clean out foreign material
  Replace worn valves
  Inadequate water supply Check water supply for sufficient flow and obstructions in inlet filter
Slight Water Leakage From Underneath Pump Worn packings Install new packings
Packing Failure Scored, damaged or worn plunger Replace plungers 
  Overpressure to inlet manifold Reduce inlet pressure
  Abrasive material in inlet water Install proper filtration
  Excessive minerals in water  Soften inlet water
  Excessive temperature. or pressure of inlet water Reduce inlet water temperature and/or pressure
No Water Comes Out Nozzle plugged / clogged  Clean or replace nozzle
  Water hose kinked Un-kink hose
Oil Leak Between Pump Head and Pump Transmission Oil seal leaking Replace oil seal
  Chipped plunger Replace plunger
Oil Leak From Bottom Or Back of Motor Shaft seal worn Replace shaft seal
Water in Oil (Milky Color) Worn packing Change packings
  Water condensation in transmission housing Change oil
  Chipped plunger Replace plunger and packings
Motor is Hot Using extension cord that is too thin or long Get larger gauge extension cord; get a shorter extension cord, or stop using extension cord
  Unloader sticking Clean or replace unloader
  Too small nozzle orifice size Install proper nozzle
Oil Leak From Transmission Housing Drain plug o-ring leaks Replace o-ring or tighten drain plug
  Oil sight glass leaks Replace oil sight glass