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Pressure Washer Perfection

Kränzle USA is a sub brand of Dirt Killer Pressure Washers Inc. We manufactures the Dirt Killer line of pressure washers and since 1993 have been the exclusive US importer of Kränzle pressure washers. With fifty years of industrial product manufacturing experience, the Dirt Killer / Kränzle team produces high pressure cleaning systems that are effective, reliable, and easy-to-maintain. Our aim is to produce a range of products that can meet a variety of cleaning needs.

Dirt Killer Pressure Washers is ISO 9001 certified for the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial pressure washers and related items. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality standard.

Dirt Killer's strategic partner in Germany is the Kränzle Company. The Kränzle Company was launched in 1974 by Josef Kränzle. From the very beginning the utmost importance was attached to the superior quality of products. Consistent adherence to this philosophy has enabled us to attain a leading reputation in the market. The Kränzle Company is certified according to ISO 9001 and the TüV Product service.

Within their class, Kränzle pressure washers set the standards of perfection. If you demand perfection perfection in your tools, demand Kränzle.

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