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Pressure Washer Perfection

In the electric pressure washing world, Kr ä nzle sets the standard of perfection!


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Choose Your Pressure Washer

Browse through our collection of pressure washers to see which one is right for you.  For home owners, the 1122 TST is a very popular model.  For car detailers, the 1622 is ideal.  For commercial work, consider the KWS, Quads and Therms. 

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Find A Dealer & Schedule An In-Store Demo

Kränzle authorized dealers love to demonstrate how perfect Kränzle pressure washers work.  Request an in-store demonstration at the nearest local dealer or buy online with a 30 day money back guarantee from participating dealers.

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Become A Dealer

Do you have customers asking for Kränzle?
Do you have a retail store location?
Do you have a reputation of quality customer service and products?

Yes? Then we invite you to apply to become an authorized dealer of Kränzle pressure washers and products.

Featured Dealer Videos



In this two part series, Atlantic Pressure Washers explores what is the best Kränzle pressure washer for cleaning the hull of a boat. They compare the 1122 TST and the Dirt Killer which is a modified gas engine pressure washer with a Kränzle pump.



Matt at Obsessed Garage discusses the Kränzle K1322 wall mounted pressure washer and its features and benefits.

Buy K1322  exclusively at Obsessed Garage >>



Why is the Kränzle pump superior to all other pressure washer pumps? Watch this video to see how and why Kränzle has no rivals.

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