Kranzle repair : 4 primary symptoms
Learn the 4 primary symptoms to look for when trouble shooting your Kranzle pressure washers
5 March, 2021 by
Kranzle repair : 4 primary symptoms
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

4 Primary Symptoms

Learn the 4 primary symptoms of trouble shooting your Kranzle pressure washers and what they indicate is wrong with your machine.

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Josh Lee, The Original Josh (00:00):

Kranzle USA pressure washer perfection.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (00:06):

Hi everybody. This is the original Josh back again with Kranzle USA pressure washer perfection. And today we're going to start a series of videos that will help with troubleshooting and repair of your Kranzle pressure washer. The first series of videos is going to pertain to diagnosing the symptom, and then the following videos are going to be, are going to pertain to the actual repairs themselves. So now we're going to start with troubleshooting. We're going to go over four primary symptoms and if you want to jump directly to the part of the video that pertains to those particular symptoms, you can look in the description below and see what part of the video to fast forward to in order to go over those symptoms. So our first symptom is loss of pressure. Now pressure loss can be caused by something mechanical, but first thing we really want to do is rule out that it's not any other minor mistake.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (00:59):

You can have pressure loss due to inadequate flow to the pump. You can have it as a result of leaking connections, feeding the pressure washer. You can also have it just from having something stuck in the inlet assembly. So ruling all of those possibilities, out the root causes of pressure loss inside the pump are going to be our check valves and or unloader valves. However, if you're feeding off of a standing water source or a tank fed supply to your pressure washer, water seals can also cause pressure loss in that condition. So if you're looking for solutions for pressure loss, you're going to go to the pump section of the video. Next leaking fluids. So we have two fluids primarily that are in the pump at all times. We have oil that's in the transmission housing as well as water that is passing through the pump.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (01:55):

We do also have a third fluid, which is the glycerin in the gauge. Before you start really digging deep into trying to find that oil leak that you think exists, make sure that you rule out that it's not just glycerin leaking from the gauge, because if they get bumped hard enough, the seals can fail on the back of the gauge and glycerin can leak out. Now you may be wondering how can I tell the difference? The glycerin is clear like water. However, it is a soluble with water. Where is the oil is not. Your, your pump oil should be Amber in color. Of course it can get Milky if it starts to get water in there due to seal failure, but your glycerins always going to have kind of like a tacky texture to it. And like I said, when you try to rinse it off with water, it's going to wash off your hands where the oil would notThe best way to identify the glycerin leak would be to look at the bottom of the gauge and around the, the, the rubber plug that's at the top of the gauge.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (02:54):

Just making sure that we don't see the fluid originating from that high up on the pump because wouldn't necessarily be coming from anything else. So if we have oil leaking from the pump that is going to be in the pump related repairs as well. So as the, the water leaking from the pump, we will break down the two different sections of pump repair for, for both wet end and oil side of the pump. So you'll see those broken down in the description below as well. So the next symptom is the motor won't start that will certainly be affected by malfunctions on the electrical side, but let's first address one major mistake that the operator makes that we we've got a couple of phone calls about adjust this past week. Your machine comes with total stop. So when you release the trigger, the motor is supposed to stop.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (03:46):

If you've hooked everything up and the motor is not running, try squeezing the trigger. That's your first step. So beyond that if we have any issues with the motor not running first, we want to start from the source of our electricity. We'll roll out a broken GFI on the plug for the pressure washer failure of the on off switch a stuck or broken micro switch for your turtle stop. And then lastly, the capacitor, which helps the motor run that's going to be inside this enclosure. So our next symptom is short cycling. The total stop feature on your pressure washer will shut down the motor. Whenever you release trigger on the gun. If whenever the triggers released and the motor is stopped, it kicks back on in what seems to almost be a pattern or a regular amount of time.

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (04:40):

Each time it'll kick on for a second and then kick back off almost like a that is a symptom of short cycling. There are mechanical aspects inside the pump that can lead to that and make sure that you rule out your accessories first, because that is the most common cause for short cycling. And we will further explain that we've done a previous video for, for short cycling, but we're going to have a more broad explanation in the videos to come. So there you go, guys, those are our four primary symptoms that we're going to address in this video series. We have loss of pressure leaking fluids won't start and short cycling. So make sure you leave any comments or questions you have in the comments below. It'll help you it'll help us and it'll help the next person. Don't forget to like and subscribe and don't forget. This is Kranzle USA, pressure washer, perfection,

Josh Lee, The Original Josh (05:36):

Kranzle USA pressure washer perfection.

Kranzle repair : 4 primary symptoms
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 5 March, 2021
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