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Optional Accessories 

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Kränzle Foam Cannon

When you need to lay down a heavy foam of cleaning product, use the Kranzle Foam Cannon.  10 3/4 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, 3 inches deep. One liter bottle with measurement marks on side every 1/4.

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Part Number: 97135301

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Spray Guard

Use this tool with any pressure washer to reduce overspray. Ideal for indoor work and when you don't want spray to go where it is not supposed to.

Video by Atlantic Pressure Washers, an authorized Kranzle Dealer.


Part Number: 97132600 

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Sandblasting Kit

The Kranzle Sandblasting Kit can be used with any Kranzle pressure washer.  It turns your pressure washer into a wet sandblasting tool.

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Part Number: 9741068 

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Water Filter 133004

This clear water filter attaches to the inlet of the Kranzle PowerPak (K399TST, K499TST, K599TST, K700TST, K1200TST), and Kranzle hot water pressure washers.  3/4 inch and Garden Hose female fittings.

Part Number: 97133004 

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Rotary Brush

Used for agitating and rinsing after soap is applied. Great for vehicles. Equipped with adjustable angle head and 22 mm fittings. The water comes out of the rotating head at low pressure.  The bristles rotate as the water comes out.  If connected with a soap injector, soap will also be dispensed. 

Part Number: 97410501