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Winner of the July 2020 Instagram Photo Contest

Congratulations @slow.m3

The winner of the July 2020 Kranzle USA Instagram Photo Contest is: Slow.m3! Congratulations! We’ve sent Slow.m3 a note via Instagram. Please contact us with your shipping info to claim your prize.

How the winner was selected.

The Kranzle USA team reviewed over 184 entries.  Due to some software bugs, not everyone’s photo made it into the official contest. To be fair, we included the top photos from our 3rd party recording system, plus the top ten photos of from Instagram.  Also, technically, entrants were supposed to take a photo of themselves in front of “what they would clean” with a brand new Kranzle 1622TS.  Based on the criteria, we choose Instagram user slow.m3 as he was in the photo, had 92 email votes and 1,575 Instagram likes and 15 comments.  Additionally, from a photo perspective, we liked his composition and photo quality the most. The first most popular email voted photo with a person in the photo was Instagram user Andee2001 with 294 email votes and 5 Instagram likes and 2 comments.

Thank you to everyone who participated, be sure to keep following us as we will be having more contests and specials through the year.

Here are all the top ten photos from our system and Instagram.