Meet A Dealer | H2O Auto Detail Supply
Based in Covina | Los Angeles CA
28 January, 2022 by
Meet A Dealer | H2O Auto Detail Supply
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

In this video we interview Hector Hernandez Jr at H2O auto detail supply in Covina, CA which is in the Los Angeles region. They are an authorized Kranzle dealer and service center. Additionally, they build custom rigs, trailers and mobile detailing vans which of course feature Kranzle pressure washers. To learn more visit


Transcript of Meet a Dealer | H2O Auto Detail Supply | Kranzle Dealer Los Angeles

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (00:00):

Hey everybody. It's Mike with Kranzle USA. And today we're having a quick interview with Hector from H2O auto detail supply. Their shop is out in California in the LA area. They do some great work. They've been with us for a couple years, and I'm gonna just turn it over to Hector and let you talk. Hector, say hi.

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (00:21):

Hey, what's up guys. It's Hector over here at H2O auto detailed supplies. I appreciate you guys watching this video. Pretty good. Pretty much. I wanna give you guys an introduction of who we are and what we do. So first off I'm Hector Hernandez. I'm Hector Jr. There's Hector senior as a operation and owner. I deal with most of the online presence and I also am a detailer myself. We've been in the detailing game for 12 years now. And with this, we've opened a shop and we've been open for six years now. We're providing custom setups pretty much the whole nine yards from a to z. And on top of that, we also customize your vans for mobile detailers. We make Rig for shops. It's just been insane for these past six years that we've been coming up with these systems to make it easier for you to wash as a mobile detailer with this, we are more than gladly to help you guys start your own business. If not come by as an enthusiast, check out our products. And then if you're interested, look at a van, look at a setup that we've done before, and we're more than gladly to help you guys out as well.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (01:31):

So a question on the, the custom detailing aspect or the custom van aspect, are you guys, do they have to have their own vehicle? Do you guys have vans ready to go? Is it

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (01:45):

For the most part it is better when you bring your own vehicle, but if you do not have a vehicle, once in a while, we do cater and have our own custom setups that we have, like say for vans, trailers maybe even just mobile unit for your shop.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (02:02):

Okay. So some, sometimes for the most part, it's better to bring your own, you know, have your vehicle and then you guys will trick it out. As well as, but some once in a while, you'll actually have a prefab. So people should follow you on social. I assume if you, you know, you've got a van ready to go, you'll post it up and say, Hey, this is 20,000 come by today.

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (02:21):

Most, most definitely. We, we always least try to have one or two a month, but due to whole COVID and chip shortage is kind of hard to find a van or vehicle.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (02:31):

Oh, all right. So that's another good reason to bring your own if you have one.

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (02:36):

Yeah, but, but hopefully with, with everything changing, hopefully we will be carrying brand new vans, used vans trailers, new trailers, used trailers. So pretty much we carry everything. Like if there's something that we don't have, we'll figure it out and we'll get it your way.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (02:52):

All right. So another question. Do you guys do the wrapping as well?

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (02:57):

That that's a, that's a good question. We do not actually wrap the vans, but we work with a great team with that. We have graphic designers. We have people that can help you set up your own business license. So it's like a one stop shop that we could help you definitely get started, or if not, upgrade your business to take it to the next level.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (03:17):

Oh, really? So you got, you have graphic designers as well. Are they in shop or just they're, you know, part of your network and like, if somebody needs it, you'll just say, oh, go talk to, you know

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (03:27):

Yeah, they're, they're, they're part of the network and they are more than willing to help new or establish. And with that, they will have a better price because they work with us. Okay. And they do know that you invested time and money with us as well.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (03:42):

Nice, nice. Do you guys do any kind of events you know, detailing events or, you know, cars and coffees or anything like that?

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (03:52):

We do events. We try to do for sure. Every year we do a Christmas party. And it's mainly, we have vendors. We have your favorite chemicals. We even do some demos, raffles. It's pretty fun on that Christmas party, but with this, we're gonna start including training for detailing, also social networks where you get it, come by, you get a chat with any detailer and then also pick their brain, get to learn more. Right.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (04:23):

Cool. All right. Now, earlier we had talked about the fact that you guys actually started out more on the pressure washing side of things, and then evolved into you know, more on the auto detail side of pressure washers. But you still have you do have regular pressure washing equipment for like the homeowner who wants, you know, wants a different machine or wants a bigger Kranzle. And what about pros? I mean, you don't really cater to them at the moment, but you're going to, is that correct?

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (04:56):

Yeah. So, so how H2O started, we're going way back. We started as a car wash. We were a car wash. We had about nine mobile vans out there, washing cars. And from there, we, we started selling our own products in our garage. And then from there we opened a shop. And that shop was mainly catering to pressure, pressure pro industry like your pressure the house wash floors walls, like big industrial stuff. So you're talking about big equipment and machinery with that. We've evolved to what we've always wanted to do. To cater pretty much a 360 to everyone like the enthusiasts, the detailers, and that's, that's basically where we came from. We came from providing the best pressure washers for industrial and then from there, mobile detailers and now enthusiasts.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (05:59):

Okay. Now you're in California, so there's the California regulations of getting rid of gas machines altogether. And I know there's been a big concern about that within the industry and how to deal with that. And so obviously Kranzle is gonna be part of that solution because they're electric machines. And you just told me about these, you know, electric generators, which are effectively battery packs. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, but they're pretty potent. You wanna talk about now, do you have those in stock already or you're getting them?

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (06:35):

So, so that's what, that's what we're working on right now. We're working on getting electric, fully electric generators. You could consider them like a Tesla battery pack and it's not gonna be anything that's gonna be running like a motor and it's gonna be super loud. It's gonna be something that you recharge at your home, or you could recharge at the Tesla superchargers and get it done couple of hours, or even sooner than that. But regardless with California banning these gas powered machines, it's just gonna make it more difficult for you to purchase or fix your gas powered pressure washer. With that there's not gonna be any sales. Obviously, if you do, you have a gas powered pressure washer, you're fine. It's allowed. You can still use it, but the sales are definitely not gonna be there. With that everyone's gonna have to transition to electric. And first off, before this ban even happened, there's already a lot of people noticing that these electric pressure washers are doing a heck of a job on providing good pressure, maintaining itself, cuz Kranzle provides the awesome pressure washer, which is a total stop. And the maintenance on that is insane because whenever you let go of the trigger, no more, it doesn't run. It doesn't wear in tear when you don't have to use it.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (07:55):

Yeah. The Kranzle's total stop is a very popular function. So sort of on the note, so you guys are gonna have some of those basically battery packs, that'll be put into your vehicle and it'll run everything. You'd mentioned that they do 110 volt and also up to 240 volts. So that that'll be interesting. I'll be interested to see those as they come along and how you connect it and how, how they work with Kranzle, et cetera. Now on the note of the gas and so forth, you guys are aware that you, of the bigger Kranzle the machines, right? The, the yes, the, the Quadro and Therms and so forth. And do you guys have some of those yet, or will you be getting some?

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (08:41):

Those ones? We, since, like I said, we've, we've only been in the industry for about six years and with that we're, we're catering to the mobile detailers and the mobile detailers can't really carry that big of machine. And with that soon enough, we will be having those so we can figure out a system that it works for them.

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (09:02):

Right. Well, I was thinking more of the expansion for you you know, for like the property maintenance guys that have to get rid of their gas machine to stay in compliance and so forth and being able to offer up like the Quadros and, and so forth, which or the bigger KWS wall mounted systems, et cetera. So anyway, that's just a, we'll, we'll talk some more and, and we'll, you know, get, make sure you guys have some, or have access to them as, as those become more popular in California. Sure. Right. Hector, I think this is pretty good. Everybody, if you have any questions for Hector specifically, feel free to leave a comment below and, or I'll put a link to his website. You can reach out to him directly. Thanks for your time, Hector.

Hector Hernandez, Jr | H20 Auto Detail Supply CA (09:47):

And then they could also check out our YouTube channel. We're constantly uploading a video every single week, Whether it's detailing and then, and soon enough, we're gonna put more pressure washer stuff, proving and testing these pressure washers, including chemicals. You see a lot of this stuff online. How do you know which one's the best for you, right. That we're basically gonna be doing on our YouTube

Michael Zittel | Kranzle USA Marketing (10:08):

Channel. All right, cool. Yeah, we're gonna send you a chemical pack too, so you can test out some of the Dirt Killer products, which I'm sure or you'll like, especially the Hell Bender and the Nastee. All right. Well, I that's meant to just be a simple, you know, meet and greet and hello. And so everybody, like I said, if you have questions for Hector or us, just leave a comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible and do check out the links below for Hector's website, his channel, et cetera. Thanks for watching. Thank bye. Kranzle USA: Pressure Washer Perfection!

Meet A Dealer | H2O Auto Detail Supply
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 28 January, 2022
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