In Brookly, NY area? Enter Raffle to Win
Visit CEM in Brooklyn to get a FREE raffle ticket and you might win a Kranzle 1622TS
7 August, 2020 by
In Brookly, NY area? Enter Raffle to Win
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

This raffle has ended and a winner will be announced shortly

Kranzle USA and Cleaning Equipment Maintenance in Brooklyn, NY have partnered to give away a brand new Kranzle 1622TS pressure washer.  These machines are loved by the auto detail community, lite industrial users and general shoppers who only want the BEST.  To enter the raffle, just schedule a time to visit CEM here >>  When there, pick up your raffle ticket. RAffle ends on midnight Sept 30th. Then, on Oct 1st, CEM will choose a winner and it might be YOU! Discover pressure washer perfection today.

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See the 1622TS in Action

The first dealer in the USA to have the 1622TS was Reflected Images. We were on location that day and took this video of Brian Daly and his team giving it a whirl. Watch the video to see their thoughts about the the Kranzle 1622TS.

Reviews from dealer customers


This unit has enough power to clean concrete and wood decks with no cleaner when the nozzle is focused to a small area. When spread out, it's great for rinsing before washing cars or home siding. The unit is quiet; sounding like a small tire inflator idling. The parts are very well built will be intuitive to operate after reading the manual. You can also run hot water through it if needed (< 140degF). I ran mine using the outdoor faucet and it provided plenty of water volume. It's good for those with garages where space is a premium.

Detailers Domain customer Warren B


Jae Cates on Mar 10, 2020

I have had my 1622 over a year now and it’s just as strong as day one. I have kept it regularly serviced and maintained for not even a third of what a new pressure washer from a box store. Not only do you just get a pressure washer from Scott, you can customize your entire order shipped directly to you. You need an extension with 100 ft of hose, no problem. It’s just part of the great customer service that DTLDVSN strives to provide. #stayglausy

Detail Divion Customer Jae Cates

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In Brookly, NY area? Enter Raffle to Win
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 7 August, 2020
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