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Best pressure washer for concrete pool deck

For the DIY crowd it is the Kranzle 1122TST


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Transcript  of Best Pressure Washer For Concrete Pool Deck

Mike Z - Pressure Washing Pool Deck - Kranzle USA (00:00):

Kranzle USA Pressure Washer Perfection!

Mike Z - Pressure Washing Pool Deck - Kranzle USA (00:04):

Hey, it's Mike with Kranzle USA pressure washer perfection. Over the weekend. I had the opportunity to clean a pool deck, which hadn't been cleaned in about five or 10 years. I used a Kranzle, 1122 TST total stop with the turbo nozzle. Now I could have used a bigger machine with higher gallons per minute, and a surface cleaner and so forth, but I didn't want to. I specifically wanted to do the job with the 1122 to put it through its paces. The 1122 is a high-end pro-sumer light industrial grade machine. And it's a great all around homeowner unit. So I wanted to show what it would be like for a homeowner to use the machine and how long it might take. This before and after video will show us about a three or 400 square foot deck that hadn't been cleaned in 5 or 10 years. And it took about three hours. And like I said, it could have gone faster with a bigger machine, but that wasn't the point. All right. Enough of me let's watch the video quick.

Mike Z - Pressure Washing Pool Deck - Kranzle USA (01:43):

Yeah, not bad, huh? So you can see the turbo nozzle with cold water. No chemicals, just good old pressure washing. It did a pretty good job. Before I go. I want to show you the turbo nozzle up close and in action. Take a look at this video. So myself, when I'm pressure washing, I like to be systematic to the section, just go back and forth, do it right. As you can see, the turbo nozzle is taking about two, three inches at a time and it takes about minute to do one square foot. Also on technique. If you'll notice the pressure washer, left them a couple of little trails, they're faint, but they're there. So what I like to do is go back over it quickly just to smooth it out and even it out. And now a final pro tip is whenever you're done pressure washing, go back over your surface with just water and give it a good one last time, rinse down.

Mike Z - Pressure Washing Pool Deck - Kranzle USA (02:37):

Otherwise you'll leave a little bit of dirty water on there and it dries and it doesn't look as best as it can. So just when you're all done, take the Vario-Jet nozzle that comes with the 1122, put it on the fan tip and just spray the whole thing down and give it one good last rinse. And as you'll see in the before and after that pool looks almost, we had repainted it, not just pressure washed it overall. I'm pretty pleased with how the 1122 TST performed on cleaning a regular, you know, every day pool deck. If you're looking for a pro-sumer machine light, industrial, and you want the best of the best check out the Kranzle1122 TST. Thanks for watching. Next time. Bye

Mike Z - Pressure Washing Pool Deck - Kranzle USA (03:23):

Kranzle USA Pressure Washer Perfection!